The Story of Leadership

Leaders………what makes you think when you see a leader in action "wow, that’s good"? or what makes you good in the role? why do we recognise good leadership immediately? what do leaders do which inspire us? what makes us follow them? what makes us want to work with them ?

This is a research blog looking at good leadership.

It started as a doctoral research into what makes leadership that works. It all started with a story about lollipops (click on The Lollipop Story to read it). This was just one person’s story, one story among so many that exist in everyday life: stories of ordinary people, doing something ordinary and yet so extraordinary – leading others, inspiring others, or being part of a team doing something together.

The aim of this blog is to gather these stories, to find other “lollipops”, to find your stories: stories of leadership you have known or stories about you as a leader. They can be stories of big things or small groups - in work, at home, or in any setting. Stories of your experiences of leadership that mean something to you

The Power of a Lollipop is a research setting which aims to define the essential elements of leadership. It is a global project. It uses stories because that is how we communicate our own truths and our own experience of reality.

We are the storytellers of our own lives, of the history being made around us. By sharing your story you record a little of that history and share with others a little of your wisdom.

Thank you for participating in this adventure. Please feel free to forward this blog to anyone you know as the more people who take part, the richer will be the story.

13 Nov 2011 The initial research finished in Dec 2010. It was so interesting that the research will continue at the Sorbonne in Paris.
Should you wish to read the initial thesis "The Power of a Lollipop" send a request through the "contact" page.

Attn: for the IMBA students at the Sorbonne - welcome :-) and please remember to submit your story (in english) by 01.12.11